Monday, 18 October 2010

New York – A food lover's heaven!

We’re very recently back from what can only be described as a gastro-trip to NYC.  What a place for the lover of fine food – funnily enough, we had a ball!  There’s too much to describe and do justice to in one single post so i’ll split it up a bit over the coming weeks, perhaps by cuisine type (as we had so many!!).

Stayed in the East Village with my lovely cousin, which as it turns out is a budget foodies heaven.  What a choice there was!

Besides the food New York is a wonderful place.  I’d been before, last year, but felt compelled to go again as it left such a huge impression on me.  It’s hard to describe what I mean, but there is something almost tangible about the city.  It has such a strong and vibrant atmosphere that every time I saw pictures on TV or in films, or heard songs about it, it took me right back to being there and I could almost feel it again.  I’ve been in loads of big cities around the globe, and none have had this effect on me.  No wonder people return again and again and again.

We did all the usual tourist stuff – you just have to don’t you.  There are few things more amazing than standing on top of that skyscraper looking out over one of the most iconic skylines in the world.  Breathtaking! 
If you haven’t been yet, you simply must!


  1. NY really is awesome. I grew up there and I miss visiting. And yeah, foodie heaven! I'm not sure how the chain restaurants survive there, since there's so much diverse and delicious food.

    Great site Susie, I'll be following.

  2. Thanks Lemur. New York really is a fabulous place - how lucky you are to have lived there. I will check out your blogs.