Friday, 22 October 2010

Hot Dogs NYC Style

I like a drunken munch as much as anyone, so East Village, New York, with it’s wealth of late night eateries is the place for me.  So after a few drinks and a climb up a very tall, and very famous building, we decided we would head to a wee hot dog place we’d read about in our “Things to do in New York” book.  Crif Dogs on St Marks Place is a tiny wee blink and you’ll miss it place down a small flight of steps.  The deal is hotdogs, with a huge choice of toppings.  Leaving New York without taking in a dog or two seems criminal and this sounded like a bit more than your usual street vendor fare.  

We spent ages deciding.  In the end i opted for the rather luxurious and rather fattening dog wrapped in bacon with chilli con carne and coleslaw, and Del for the bacon wrapped dog with Teryaki sauce, spring onions and pineapple.  As you’ll see from the pic – amazing!!  Very good value too – and they sell beer.  Plus if you’re wondering why people hang around outside of and keep disappearing into the old fashioned phone booth, I’ve been told there is a rather swanky cocktail bar hidden inside. Go try!

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