Friday, 22 October 2010

Home-made Gnocchi - My First Attempt

Well tonight's little adventure began with a rather messy kitchen and a rather grumpy Susie.   But after a bit of washing and cleaning i tackled a first for me - home made gnocchi.  I used a recipe i found on the net and decided I'd stick to it to see how it went - unlike me as i'm not very good at following recipes to the letter.  I always make them a bit more tasty i reckon!

The recipe was as follows: 2 baking potatoes, 2 egg yolks, almost 2 cups of flour, salt

I love it - the amounts are almost as exact as in my recipes!  Basically you want the potatoes cooked and mashed really really fine (i used a potato ricer) and while they are still warm you add the egg yolks and flour to form a dough that is neither too sticky or too firm. (i had to keep adding flour until it was no longer too sticky so i have no idea how much i actually used in the end, sorry.) I baked the potatoes then scooped put the fluffy insides, as apparently you don't want them too moist which can happen if you boil them.

Then you split the dough into smaller pieces, roll them into long sausages, and then slice them into gnocchi sized pieces.

Drop them into boiling salted water, and once they float to the surface boil for another minute then drain and serve with your favourite sauce.  Yum!

Ideas for improving?  Adding one of the following: nutmeg, garlic salt, crushed black pepper, parmesan, herbs.  Will try some of these soon for sure!

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