Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Sun, Sun, Sun

So we’re being told today that factor 15 sun protection is no longer enough to keep us safe in the sun.  I feel vindicated – I’ve been saying this for years!  Being a whitey who never takes a tan I have given up all futile attempts and now my mission is to avoid the burn.  My tip, slap on the factor 30+, sit in the shade and concentrate on the more important things in life: food and drink! 

And what is better on a hot day than an ice cold beer?  Could it be one of Nigella Lawsons incredible Lageritas?  Yes please!!
  • 1 bottle of beer (330ml)
  • 1 shot of tequila (25ml)
  • 1 shot of orange liquor – I used triple sec
  • 1 shot of lime cordial (though I just missed this out and used extra fresh lime for zing)
  • A squeeze of fresh lime (about half a lime)
All you do is pour the ingredients into a jug and mix. Delicioso!

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